Look at the stars! look up, look up at the skies! - Gerald Manley Hopkins, 'The Starlight Night'.

Writing Skyscapes is an exhibition of words and images inspired by the sky and inviting you to 'look at the skies!'

When we look up at the sky, especially with today's technologies and devices, we might assume that we are able to see more, to see more clearly, or to see further. While this is true in some senses , the more we look at or to the sky, the more that we find ourselves questioning both what we are seeing and where we are.

Featuring photographs by Michael Beard, Dan Brown, Helen McGhie, Pauline Woolley and Katherine Eva Young, as well as from the Hubble Herritage Project, Writing Skyscapes considers these other issues relating to how we see and imagine what is above us. The exhibition marks the culmination of a two-day public writing workshop led by researchers specializing in astronomy and literature from Nottingham Trent University. Working in partnership with Creswell Crags Museum and Heritage Centre and Backlit Gallery, and with guest writers and artists, Holly Corfield Carr, Richard Hamblyn and Helen McGhie, participants in the workshop explored new ways of engaging with the sky from multiple viewpoints and from both rural and urban perspectives.

Crossing disciplinary divisions and bridging modern and ancient approaches, selected extracts from participants' writing are displayed alongside the images in the hope that they spark new conversations between viewpoints, different disciplines and different media.

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