Seasonsphere (NG20/21) and Fifth Era Cosmic Mirror

Above: Pauline Woolley - single channel video, 2 minutes 18 secs

Left: Katie Sandoval - painting

During a 24-hour day our planet spins on its axis. Over the course of 365 days our planet orbits the Sun. With or without our awareness the mechanics of our universe continue moving. While the pandemic sweeps our globe, these celestial happenings continue their own path regardless of our own perceived and distorted experience of time. During 2020 we experienced transformation, rebirth and resurrection. As part of Backlit's lockdown 'Sharebears' collaborations and exhibition, Pauline and Katie have forged a virtual connection, inspired by the ever-changing garden views through their windows. Garden spaces have become comforting friends, urban skyscapes have become trusted companions, both equally opening scenes of incredible drama, beauty and calm. Day by day, month by month, the passing of time has been a gift to the present. The Aztecs saw time as a fusion between the past, the present and the future. In this endless cycle, colourful gods presided over the spiral of time and events in parallel universes. This collaboration explores the fusion of these elemental forces through painting, photography and astronomical exploration.

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